The ground-breaking Building Character & Resilience Program




Research shows that people with strong CORE CHARACTER habits or virtues are better able to develop self-mastery,
take control of their thinking and decision-making, thrive in adversity to tackle setbacks, are less vulnerable to
peer group pressure, media influence and impulses, assisting to them build character, resilience & wellbeing.


The Building Character and Resilience Program will make a difference to your students! It was created by Createl Publishing in collaboration with Dr Andy Mullins, former school principal and author of the book Parenting for Character. Research has shown that people with strong core character values often have the best sense of self and this outstanding program aims to help students achieve resilience through self-mastery and practicing good habits that form strong character. Core character strengths will aid them in becoming more self-aware, kind, resilient, tolerant, motivated and happier in general, empowered to make positive choices while looking to contribute to their community.

Each week, the diaries deal with a different good habit, providing an explanation, example and discussion questions plus optional weekly support PDF Worksheets to assist teachers who would like to integrate the program into their pastoral care. If you want your students to be emotionally well-adjusted, self-aware and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges, building character and resilience is the key.

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Teacher Resource Hub Coming Soon!

Our Building Character & Resilience Teacher Resource Hub will be open from November with access to practical and fun PDF worksheets for you to download and use with your class.

Schools that purchase diaries in the Building Character & Resilience series will have access to these PDF worksheets and can take their study of character, resilience and wellbeing to the next level with exercises and case studies that encourage critical thinking, develop empathy and encourage self-awareness.

For every class set (25+ diaries), you get free access to the resource hub and you also receive a colourful free A2 classroom poster with a breakdown of the program’s core concepts and ideas on how to take the values in the program to your home and community.

While you wait, here are the basics of what’s available:

For Primary Students:

  • 48 StudyTrek coloured PDF worksheets
  • 48 StudyTrek Catholic coloured PDF worksheets

For Secondary Students:

  • 47 StudyQuest coloured PDF worksheets
  • 47 StudyQuest coloured Catholic PDF worksheets

Every year, we plan to add to the new resources to the hub so that there’s always something new for you to use with your students.