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Customise your Student Diaries

Custom Student Diaries

Customised student diaries allow you to display school branding, showcase student photographs and artwork, and communicate important policy and procedural information to students and parents.

With over 20 years experience publishing school diaries, at Createl Publishing, we offer schools an unrivalled range of student planners from primary all the way through to the senior secondary years. Our low prices and exceptional level of support offer your school a no-fuss solution to customising your student planners.

At Createl Publishing, we are dedicated to providing our schools with high-quality products that are great value for money. We look forward to partnering with you in preparation for the 2023 school year, so please feel free to contact us and we’ll be pleased to send you sample diaries for your perusal.

Contact us on 03 9336 0800 or studyseries@createl.com.au to request free samples and a tailored quote.3

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