Diary of a First Year Teacher - Episode 8

Dear Diary,

Another teacher rite of passage accomplished this week: I had my first relief teacher take over a class on Thursday (yesterday). I was so insecure about it. I took pains to leave really detailed plans, but apparently the sub I had has a bad reputation in the English department.

Can you believe that one time he was even caught eating someone's snacks out of their desk? It was never confirmed whether the desk belonged to a student or teacher but, either way, how unprofessional!

I got back to class with about five minutes to go and had to have a chat with one of my students who had made a rude comment about somebody’s mother (don’t get me started). But overall, not too bad. It was so weird, though, to think that someone else was with my kids. I guess I feel pretty protective over them by now…

In other news, I took my first mobile phone from a student (Tuesday). It was a special circumstance though – apparently, she had just found out that a friend had passed away and her mom was contacting her. She was really upset, poor thing.

I still took it, but the student and I actually had a good chat to the principal about it. It was all very calm and respectful – I love it when people aren’t such sticklers to the rules that they forget to be compassionate and human.

It was also encouraging because my mentor, Mrs Grady who’s been teaching for 15 years, told me I handled it perfectly. At least I'm doing something right.


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