Diary of a First Year Teacher - Episode 5

Dear Diary,

Oh boy, do my students have some crazy questions and comments sometimes! Half the time they don’t realise how blunt and inappropriate they’re being and it’s actually pretty fantastic because I get to have a good laugh about it in the staff room afterwards, and today’s episode was no exception.

This morning my students had the option to free read or write on paper or an individualised whiteboard. Right before the session was about to end, Tahlia strides up to me with a big grin with her whiteboard in her hands.

I smiled at her, expecting the usual ‘you are the best techa’ or ‘I love you’, which I admit still melts my heart every time. Tahlia turned the white board around and showed me big messy letters that spelled out ‘gust qit miss Finch’, which after a few months in the classroom I was able to decode pretty quickly.

Just to be sure, I asked what it said and she confirmed, “Just quit, Miss Finch”. I was very confused and holding back hysterics at this point. I asked her what she meant. It turns out she just wanted me to have a holiday because apparently, I look tired and believes that ‘quit’ is the same as a ‘take a holiday’.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! Good thing we’re near school holidays so I can get some R&R and come back looking less like the zombie my students think I am. You gotta love kids!


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