Diary of a First Year Teacher - Episode 4

Dear Diary,

Some days it honestly feels like my class is the toughest in the school – but does every teacher feel like that? It really feels like an uphill battle on days like today. I thought I had this genius idea of breaking into groups and doing worksheets identifying shapes and then turning the shape into a creative drawing.

What I apparently forgot was the ratio: 25 of them and one of me (Sonia wasn’t in today). I looked up from helping one group and realised the rest of the class had gone completely mental! There were kids everywhere and yes, one of them drew on the wall. ‘I needed more room for my triangle!’ he explained proudly, probably hoping that would get him out of any trouble.

But I can’t let it get me down. Even though the day-to-day can be discouraging, I’ve got to focus on the bigger picture and remember all the little wins I’ve had. Like last week, when Oliver did a double knot in his shoelaces and Monday afternoon, when Bridget used some of our wellbeing tips to calm down and avoid lashing out at the student next to her.

I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true that no salary is better than seeing your students achieve their goals, and I really believe my kids are all further along than they were when I met them at the start of February – more confident, knowledgeable and, I hope, more kind.

Chin up and keep going. Till next time!

                                                                                - Sam

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