Evolving Educational Landscape Inspires Createl Publishing to Rebrand

Evolving Educational Landscape Inspires Createl Publishing to Rebrand

Our team at Createl Publishing, Australia’s leading publisher of Teacher Planners and Student Diaries, is excited to unveil our new branding and purpose – Plan, Inspire, Flourish, which caters to the ever-changing needs of teachers and students.

These changes to our identity and ethos came about as we realise that our potential for helping educators and students goes far beyond creating a practical organisational tool.

‘The often-challenging stories we regularly hear from school staff would always leave us wanting to do more for our educators.’

‘We wanted to reignite the dream that many teachers had when they first stepped into a classroom – to contribute to the growth of a strong, resilient, and optimistic generation of young people, cultivated by teachers who are thriving, not just surviving in their roles’.

Angelo Calandra, Managing Director

Our motto, Plan, Inspire, Flourish, reflects our ongoing commitment to educators and students.

Our new logo strongly resembles our iconic heritage and identity but signifies a fresh and modern take on our company and the evolving educational landscape.

‘We’re proud of the fact that although Createl has grown enormously over the years, we still give teachers and schools good, consistent customer service, low prices, beautiful and practical designs, and we never cut corners with quality‘.

– Karl San Pedro, Operations Manager

We announce our rebranding alongside the launch of our 2025 StudySeries and LivingWell Student Diaries. This is significant as we also bring you our brand-new Flourish Student Planner.

The team here at Createl Publishing remains dedicated to continually evolving to ensure that we can cater to your needs, and are very excited to see how we can help educators and students to plan, inspire, and flourish every day.

Pre-order your standard and customised 2025 Student Diaries now.

For further information, please contact us:

Createl Publishing

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03 9336 0800

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