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Get involved in the 2022 Commonwealth Games straight from your classroom!

Get involved in the 2022 Commonwealth Games straight from your classroom!

28 July – 8 August

Class activity for upper primary and secondary students

The Commonwealth Games are an excellent display of commitment, perseverance and sacrifice.

The time and effort that athletes put into perfecting their craft is admirable, and we can learn a lot from our favourite sportsperson or team.

Upper primary:

Research your favourite athlete, and make a poster or presentation about how that person displays the good habits of commitment, perserverance and sacrifice.

Then, write five ways you can use the same good habits in your life.

It can be related to anything in your life, not just sports.


Research your favourite sportsperson or team, and write a speech from their perspective; sharing their story and addressing the good habits needed for success in sports.

Think about how these habits also benefit everyday life, and give advice to your audience based on what you have learned.

Commonwealth Games Medal Tally

A medal tally is a great way to help students to keep track of the Games, but is also a great way for students to learn how to research, calculate, catalogue and stay on top of evolving information. It is a skill that is useful in many areas like mathematics, humanities and English.

You can download and print our FREE Medal Tally below:

Let us know how your students go with the activities in the comments section below!

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