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Get involved with Autism Awareness Week!

Get involved with Autism Awareness Week!

This week is Autism Awareness Week. Now is your opportunity to encourage acceptance and help your students develop an understanding of Autism. By doing this, you enable all students to thrive within the classroom environment, while also teaching them the good, lifelong habits of kindness and empathy.

Here are some ways that your class can get involved with this amazing initiative and make your classroom an inclusive and understanding place for all!

Free downloadable bookmarks!

Autism Awareness Week is a great initiative and we need to make sure that the hard work that is done during this week lasts for the rest of the year and beyond. To do this, we have created four bookmarks, two for primary students and two for secondary students, which you can print out and distribute to your students!

Encourage your students to either colour-in or pick their favourite design, so that Autism awareness is always on their mind!

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