5 Top Tips for Staff Wellbeing to Enhance your School

5 Top Tips for Staff Wellbeing to Enhance your School

Teachers are always juggling so many tasks that they often forget to take care of their own wellbeing. Your work environment, stress levels and overall health have a huge impact on your work life, and we all know that happy and healthy staff are more productive!  Providing fun social activities at your school will give teachers a chance to take some time out and interact with colleagues without having to think about school. The teachers in the Twinkl Australia Primary Teachers Group made some great suggestions of wonderful staff wellbeing activities. These are guaranteed to make health and happiness go hand in hand.

Create a positive culture through compliment cards

“We gave everyone an envelope with 5 compliment cards, which they then gave out to a different staff member each day.” – Jo Lawrence Stewart

“One of the loveliest things that our staff have done was to write personalised notes to each other telling them how special they are and the reasons why. I still have these little notes and I treasure them! They are so encouraging.” – Lynne Schmidt

These Thank You Notes for School Staff would be the perfect little gift to hand out. Or you could use these Compliment Postcards if you would like to write a more personalised note to a fellow staff member.

A Shout Out board for staff members

“For staff shout outs I have a letterbox where staff can write compliments to other staff and I deliver them at the end of each week.”- Heidi Tromp

Another idea is a staff ‘shout out’ wall, which is easy to set up in your school. Simply add sticky notes to the wall like this great display.

Or, you might like to leave these Staff Shout Out Cards in your staffroom for people to write kind words on and add to the wall. It proves to be a great surprise for people and a nice way to boost morale.

If you’re keen to try the idea, take a look at this FREE Staff Shout Out Board Display Pack. It will save you time when setting up your display!


Random Acts of Kindness

There are lots of different ways to organise random acts of kindness in your school. To make teachers feel supported, here are a few great examples:

“My boss randomly gives us chocolate, wine, stationery etc. as a thank you.” – Jade Willsher

“Our school has ‘guardian angels’. It’s not compulsory but you can choose to sign up and you are allocated a person to look after (little gifts and random acts of kindness) for the whole year anonymously and someone else is allocated to look after you. It’s like a year-round ‘Secret Santa.’” – Toni Gage

These Positive Mental Health Posters are perfect to slip into your colleagues’ pigeonholes or leave on their desks as a random act of kindness and positivity boost!

Teacher Appreciation Awards

These are wonderful ways to show teachers how they are valued in the school community. Whether it’s helping out with sports lessons or coming up with fresh ideas, everyone has a unique set of skills to offer. Thanks to appreciation awards, all teachers in your school can see themselves as a valuable component who contributes to a wider network of positive wellbeing and community.

“I loved ‘Choccies for Champs’ at my old school. Staff wrote a nomination about a staff member and why they are deserving. Then three nominations got read out at the staff meeting. Those three got a box of choccies and a certificate. All other people nominated got a certificate with their nomination on it.” – Brenda Archer 

Here is a great Teacher Appreciation Certificate that you could award at staff meetings.

Here is a great Teacher Appreciation Certificate that you could award at staff meetings.

Staff Breakfast or Morning Tea

As another wellbeing initiative that can be implemented on a daily basis, this offers a chance for you to catch up and strengthen staff relationships.

“Come in early for a coffee morning. A few minutes to touch base with people you rarely catch up with during your working week. Not compulsory of course.” – Susan Hammond

“We had ‘Wellness Wednesday’ last week & the whole staff was treated to a free Mexican feast for lunch.” – Jasmine Tracey

“At the start of term, we have a staff breakfast – those that can, meet at a cafe at about 7am and pay for your own. Some just came for coffee. A relaxed way to chat and get to know each other without silly games.” – Corie Uebergang

“We have just started a fortnightly lunch. We use different places in the community and all put in a certain amount. Worked well so far and it is the most people in the staff room that we have seen in a long time.” – Catherine Francis

Use this Staff Party Planner to help you get your staff event organised and running smoothly! Why not get everyone involved in some Party Games too?

Hopefully, these top tips for staff wellbeing give you some inspiration and help create a bubbling workplace environment for your colleagues. Do you have any other great ideas? Share them with us in the comments! Remember you can also find us on  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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